Make First Choice Your Choice for Homeowners Insurance

It can be challenging today to get Homeowners insurance in Florida. Rates have gone sky-high, coverages are increasingly limited, and several insurers have decided not to offer insurance any longer, particularly for coastal properties. At First Choice Insurance of America, we have the relationships with insurance companies to provide you with Homeowners insurance including if your property is in a catastrophe-prone area.

Our nearly 25 years of experience and deep expertise in insuring residents throughout the Sunshine State enable us to secure comprehensive coverage at competitive pricing on your behalf. If we can’t do better than what you already have, we’ll let you know. At First Choice, it’s all about providing you with more value.

In addition to insuring homes in Florida, we also insure homes in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas.

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Who We Insure

Our staff will determine how much Property and Liability insurance you need, depending on your exposures, as well as any additional coverage you need to respond to a catastrophic property loss. Some of the key areas we will review with you include:

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Insuring Your High-Value Home

In addition to providing coverage for traditional homes, we specialize in insuring high-value properties that come with additional and unique risks. Some of the policy features available for high-value homes that we will discuss include: the option to rebuild or receive a cash settlement in the event of property loss; guaranteed replacement cost; broad coverage for sewer and drain backups; and a comprehensive risk prevention program for your luxury home to help prevent losses.

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Increasing Your Liability Protection

We will also discuss the need to secure Personal Umbrella insurance to step in when your primary liability limits on your standard Homeowners insurance are exhausted. This is particularly true for large losses involving litigation, which can devastate an individual or family if not properly protected.

Whether you are buying your first home, expanding into a larger house as your family grows or downsizing to a condo or co-op on the heels of retirement, the professionals at First Choice will place the right mix of coverages to address your specific exposures. We also provide Renters insurance.